Branding is mainly for marketing and communication methods that help to distinguish a company or products from competitors. It also a business identity in the marketplace. Based on the consumer experience branding connects the target prospects more effectively and strengthens customer loyalty. There are many brands familiar to customers like Apple, Adidas, Nike, Allen Solly, Basics, etc. 

Branding is defined by its name, term, design, symbol, colors, slogan, sound and multiple combinations. We inspire media, the best branding and advertising company in Calicut are specialized in the following:

  • Business Cards.
  • Logo Designs.
  • Leaflets, Brochures, and Marketing materials.
  • Banners.
  • Mug printing.
  • T-shirt printing.
  • Glass frosting etc..

Inspire Media is the best  branding and advertising company in Calicut, the main aim of branding is to create an intuition on the customer mind. We provide both online and offline platforms of branding. We also provide a wide range of print media services, including graphic design.


Advertising is a method of marketing that promotes or sells a product,  service or idea. Advertising is communicated through various media like newspapers, magazines, television, Outdoor advertising, Social media, Website, etc.. A billboard also named as hoarding advertising is a huge outdoor advertisement structure typically found in crowded and high traffic areas such as alongside busy roads. 

Hoarding advertising is the most popular way of outdoor advertisement today. It’s a great way to reach a wide audience in all class. The reason why you have to look at a hoarding advertisement is that it has a broader reach, it is everywhere.


  • Hoardings are great cost effective medium of outdoor advertisement.
  •  It easily captures the attention of a vast variety of people.
  • Its always on, it won’t go unnoticed because of its large size.
  • It creates your brand exposure round the clock.
  • Get in touch with us today to book your hoarding space through out Kerala.

We Inspire Media, the best flex printing company in Calicut performs detailed research and makes use of cost-effective services. We offer good quality work to the clients. Our experienced employees will offer the best in class flex design, printing, and installation services throughout Kerala. Our service is appreciated and accredited by our clients for its quality and reliability. We use high-quality materials and printing, Elegant colors, Impeccable designs, Matt and Glossy prints.

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